Where You Eat

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. . . Where You Eat
by Dennis Bush

“It’s not what I was expecting,” Rusty says, as he takes an up-close look at a Meredith’s vagina, a few minutes after meeting her. As a gay man in his early 20’s, Rusty hasn’t led a sheltered life, by any means, but his experience with women’s private parts has been non-existent. Meredith is happy to let Rusty have a look, but she’d be happier if she could get her toilet to stop moaning so mournfully, when she flushes. Rusty’s sister Lisa’s boyfriend is paralyzed from the waist down. And she’s just had sex with Steve, who’s in a relationship with Kelly, Meredith’s best friend. Kelly’s co-worker Carole’s much-younger boyfriend Don has a history with both Rusty and Lisa. And, then, there’s Dalton, who’s more comfortable being naked than having a conversation – or being honest with himself or anyone else.

Rusty’s search for meaning and, maybe, love takes him and Dalton, Meredith, Don, Carole, Steve, Lisa and Kelly on a pants-dropping, bed-hopping adventure through a world of dildos, deodorant, hummus, Whole Foods, trimmed armpits and cupped balls.

So, wash your hands and hold on tight. In this edgy, adult comedy, filled with witty, memorable dialogue, everything is up for grabs. In the midst of cynicism and sex, there’s still room for sweetness and romance . . .  Where You Eat.

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