2022 Monologues on Film

“The invincible shield of Caring is a weapon from the skies against being dead.” – Lao Tzu

The Fresh Fruit Festival, in its 20th consecutive year, is presenting works in the following format for development in filmed virtual presentation: LGBTQ MONOLOGUES, on the THEME: “Caring” { see the full quote }

Are you Cared for? Do you Care enough to send the best? Is your character Careful? WHY do you CARE!? What’s in a Care package? Are you Caring for Pets? -Roommates? -Alien Visitors?

Works range from 4 to 10 minutes in length, and relate to the LGBTQ experience. Written submitted monologues were later resubmitted as short videos for entry into the development program. All of these received:

  • Hosted presentation of the finished works as a feature in the All Out Arts Network,
  • Full-Series PDF Program, for download.
  • Basic Audio Post-processing: Including if requested, basic sound FX or ambient sound.
  • Marketing on Social media.
  • 1:1 Technical consults: For SOUND and for VIDEO (placement, ambiance, and setting).

Voting has closed for the Monologues, and the public has spoken! 279 votes were tallied with a clear winner of the “Audience Favorite” award: “Christmas” by Jeffrey James Keyes, performed by Chima Chikazunga, directed by Aaron Salazar.

A panel of 12 Technical Judges have also prepared their choices for two more overall finalists: “9D” by Meaghan Beese, and “The Laundromat” by Juann Carlos Salgado.

Honorary mentions for Writing went to “The Last Reading of Charlotte Cushman” by Carolyn Gage, and for Acting/Direction to “Glasål” by Adin Lenahan.

Glasål by Adin Lenahan

“How much can we truly know about another person, let alone another species?”

An awarded Festival alumni from years past. They present an amazing glimpse into transformations – of many kinds. Have you heard of the Glass eels?

Christmas by Jeffrey James Keyes

“Eric manages to embrace the holidays while coping with the loss of his partner to COVID”

Directed by Aaron Salazar, performed by Chima Chikazunga (photo).

The Last Reading of Charlotte Cushman by Carolyn Gage

“Written out of theatre history, Charlotte Cushman returns to ‘audition’ for us one last time”

Written and performed by the award winning author.

The Laundromat  by Juan Carlos Salgado

“Some jobs give us a little too much time to think about our relationships, or lack of same.”

Direction & Video by Robert Jesus Gomez

9-D”  by Meaghan Beese

“Why is it so much easier to say the hard things out loud to strangers than to the people who care about you the most?”

Video, Walter Beese

Mother’s Child by Cris Eli Blak

“A woman finds acceptance in learning to love herself while still hoping that her family will see her for who she was born to be.”

Video Specialist, Sasha Schwartz

A Suicide Moon by Dylan Alexander Gurrera

“A nonbinary person preparing for a night out, is seeking the most apt metaphor to describe their gender expression”

Download the Full Monologue Series Program Book

Background info, artist bios, and more detail. A great guide for Watching the videos, and VOTING.  DOWNLOAD it below . . .


IMAGE of Program Book Cover