a portrait of a decade: Ensemble from our 2019 mainstage musical, “Here To Recruit You” – the Harvey Milk story focusing on the 1960s

A “Survival” campaign: Like many performing arts companies large and small, due to the COVID-19 epidemic we are facing a potential 95% loss of earned income this fiscal year. This will impact our varied programs as well as our ability to obtain public funding. We need your help more than ever, and no donation is too small.


The Federal “CARES ACT” for Charities – For TAX YEAR 2020 ONLY: You can take a tax deduction on your Federal taxes, EVEN if you DO NOT Itemize! Up to maximum of $300. (or up to your total AGI if you do itemize)


Fresh Fruit needs seeds to grow. Please help ensure that Fresh Fruit continues presenting unique artistic works of the highest quality, and helping new LGBTQ artists to develop, by making a tax-deductible donation now to All Out Arts (our parent organization since starting in 2002).

All Out Arts, Inc. is a federally registered 501(c)(3) charity – and licensed in New York State. The Fresh Fruit Festival is the primary expression of our mission, and is a DBA owned by All Out Arts.  We are the proud recipients of a “Silver Seal” for fiscal transparency by Guidestar.

Donations of $100+ become Fresh Fruit Festival Supporters, are mentioned in our programs, and receive special offers from Fresh Fruit Festival and our international network of dynamic LGBTQ artists all year long.



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Mail your tax-deductible gift (checks payable to: All Out Arts, Inc)
to:  All Out Arts, 244 Fifth Ave.  Box L228
New York, NY 10001-7604