Planning Committees

a Robert Urban curated OutMusic event, Fresh Fruit Festival 2005




The Fresh Fruit Festival has been 100% volunteer developed and run for over 2 decades, with a small professional core of collectively over 150 years of production experience. We are committed to continuing this grassroots, community-driven tradition. Leading these efforts are the Fresh Fruit Festival Planning Committees and advisors, which meet with senior staff every 2, 4, or 8 weeks, based on seasonal activity.

The committees are open to anyone with an open mind and a willingness to share their talents.  Whether your background is technical or managerial, marketing or logistical, we’re always looking to expand our ranks and make the festival as strong as it can possibly be.

If you are interested in joining either the committees or advisory bodies listed below, would like to attend one of our meetings, or want to receive additional information, please contact our Executive Director with a general inquiry:  Contact-Form

Alumni Council

Any of our Festival Alumni who have an intense interest in the success of the Festival may request membership in the Alumni Council – one of the advisory bodies to the Board of Directors. As such they have direct access to senior staff and the Board, are invited to regular Board meetings as non-voting members, and receive advance notice of all our future plans.

Advisory Council

This is a group of sometimes Alumni of greater than usual experience with All Out Arts, and often includes people whose backgrounds may be non-performing. They are frequently observers, voters in certain programs, and may advise the Board on select issues of importance to the future life of the organization.

Board of Directors

As with any non-profit, Board-level membership carries more weight and responsibility. Their primary duty is to safeguard the current and future legal life of the organization. The Board is primarily comprised of people with access to donors or people with civic power or connections; people with a demonstrated concern for the longevity of our mission; people with some knowledge of the life-cycle of a non-profit; people with excellent communication skills, who can represent this organization to civic, arts, and business leadership of this city.

In New York City and State, the Board is expected to set and maintain a personal level of “Give or Get” – being an amount of funding each member will honestly attempt to raise as a minimum per year, either through direct donation or through contacts they may have. The current board has voted that amount to be $500, which is roughly 1% of our annual budget.

The Board is usually drawn from members of the above groups, but may come from other organizations with similar missions. We are as committed to both racial and identification diversity here as in the entire festival, and that goal has persisted since the Festival’s birth in 2002. The motto of All Out Arts has always been: “Fighting Discrimination through the Arts”