The Harvey Milk Musical of 2019 - ensemble number.

photo: a production number from recent Festival musical on the life of Harvey Milk.

2023 Mainstage Fresh Fruit Festival

at The Wild Project | April 24 – May 7

Tickets available starting April 1st. $12 to $22. Special discounted ‘Make Your Own’ Series Tickets are available for 3 or more performances of your choosing, or to make small “theatre parties” with your friends!


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Angel on Eros

Fri 4/28 at 6:30, Sat 4/29 at 3:30, Sun 4/30 at 7:30

A gay, Hispanic artist immortalizes a young restaurant owner, unleashing more drama than either anticipated.

note: Nudity and Mature content. >MORE>

Cornflake Pie

Thur 5/4 at 6:30, Fri 5/5 at 8:45, Sun 5/7 at 3:15

At a picture-perfect California beach house, a family reunites to celebrate Thanksgiving but secrets, shame and betrayal threaten to rip them apart. In this fast-paced queer dramedy, Cornflake Pie explores the endurance of love and the fidelity of family. >MORE>

Cowgirl Summer

Tue 5/2 at 6:30, Wed 5/3 at 8:30, Sat 5/6 at 7:15

Can twin sisters, obsessed with fan fiction, survive the anonymous world of the Internet? >MORE>


Tue 4/25 at 7:00, Sat 4/29 at 5:30, Sun 4/30 at 5:15 – – 90′ est

Eelpout is a fast-paced, surreal farce, where friends are lovers, fish can talk, and life’s mysteries beckon from the bottom of a frozen lake. >MORE>


Fri 5/5 at 6:30, Sat 5/6 at 3:00, Sun 5/7 at 1:00 – – 90′ est

Teacher – Student? or Master – Slave? >MORE>

Fruits on Film – An evening of ”Very-Q” Short Films

One Night Only! Saturday 4/29 at 8:00 pm – – 75′ est – – all tickets only $12

Hosted by Jed Ryan and our inimitable “Lady Clover Honey,” with music, comedy, drama, horror, drag, nudity, Lesbian dating and Real Housewives of New Jersey! >MORE>

Meet You Downstairs

Mon 4/24 at 8:00, Wed 4/26 at 8:30, Sun 4/30 at 1:00 – – 70′ est

One young, Queer heroine; Three relationships; Ten years . . . How do you define yourself in a heteronormative world?

note: Partial Nudity >MORE>

Mr. Oatmeal

Wed 4/26 at 6:30, Thur 4/27 at 9 pm, Sun 4/30 at 3:15 – – 65′ est

A dark comedy about love, memory, and the ethics of feline murder. >MORE>

Place of Departure (or The Airport Play)

Monday 5/1 at 6:30 pm, Tuesday 5/2 at 8:30 pm – – 75′ est

Love in a place of departure: falling into it and falling out of it, and how taking a step forward can be the hardest thing to do. to do. >MORE>

SUDDEN SHORTS! – a 1-Act play mini-fest

Monday 5/1 at 8:30 pm / Sunday 5/7 at 5:45 pm – – 70′ est. – – all tickets only $12

Featuring: DRIP by Max Mooney, and Fettuccine by Queen Tiye. Two half-hour plays about the meeting of two bodies in the complex world we have made for ourselves. How well do they survive, and what do we really need to make our lives more than just survival! >MORE>

Taking The Plunge

Wed 5/3 at 6:30, Thus 5/4 at 8:45, Sat 5/6 at 5:15 – – 70′ est

Sooner or later, we all have to. Exploring the beauty of change and growth, we follow a young person with trans-masculine identity, and get right to the heart of what ‘experience’ is really all about. >MORE>

The 10-Minute Play Contest!

Sat 5/6 at 1:00 – – 75′ est. – – all tickets only $12

One Performance Only! A special fundraiser for the “Future Festival” fund. >MORE>

Transformation – the Christine Jorgensen Show

Thur 4/27 at 6:30, Fri 4/28 at 8:30, Sat 4/29 at 1:00 – – 105′ est

by Donald Steven Olson – An unforgettable musical of the story you think you know, about the world’s first trans superstar. >MORE>