Fruits On Film

Hosted by Jed Ryan and Lady Clover Honey

A curated evening with music, comedy, drama, horror, drag, nudity, Lesbian dating and Real Housewives of New Jersey-

“No Day Like Today”   Music Video of the hit that reached #28 on the Billboard Charts Dance Club Music. Song by actor/recording artists Adam Bata and Lovari and featuring Electropoint.  Music Video features Real Housewives of New Jersey – stars Dolores Catania, Margaret Josephs and her mother Marge Sr. Also included are RuPaul’s Drag Race diva Honey Davenport, Out In The Wild podcast host David Yontef, Lady Clover Honey (WNYC NY Media) with Voguing and legendary ballroom dancing from Tyra Gardner & Princess Grace Jones of “The House Of Old Navy” & Sugga of the “House Of Marciano”!

“Modest Male Exposure”  25:10 – Comedy Short Film exploring nudity and the changing experience inside Men’s locker rooms and restrooms.  With cameras, openly Gay and Transgender people and female reporters demanding equal access. And with nude beaches and male students wanting privacy partitions between urinals, will showering with your buddies after a workout ever be the same? With Jed Ryan, Clover Welsh, Mark-Eugene Garcia, Sara Minisquero, Ryan Janek Wolowski, Jonathan Salazar, Rocco Chanel, Anthony Logan Cole, Frankie Allday, Evan Laurence, Anu Singh, Shaun McMurtrie.

“Wasted on the Young”
Mateo brings his boyfriend to a dinner with a friend from work, and dessert is more bittersweet than Mateo had expected. Starring Mark-Eugene Garcia, Ashley Monique Menard, Joshua R. Pangborn, and Andrew Carter. Director of Photography Christian Marte

“Jelly Bean” 13:40 Reyzl is a queer woman who is earnestly seeking romance on dating apps that she can not hack. Lacking any strategy to vet a perfect match, Reyzl decides to date whoever the algorithms choose. Catastrophe ensues when Reyzl’s first online date turns out to be an appalling disappointment. When an unexpected opportunity for intimacy presents itself a second time, will Reyzl have the courage to open herself up and grasp it? Written and Directed by Nessa Norich. Starring: Nessa Norich, Yoni Lotan, Lio Mehiel, Cara Francis, Maeve Bell, Diana Oh. Still-Frame below from Jelly Bean

and surprises, such as . . .

“Carnal Spice”
Music Video with visual artist Ricky Mestre combining high-energy and bold images exploring kink, pleasure, bondage, laughter and fun to upbeat tunes. First song – Masterpiece. Second song – Spice Up Your Life. Starring Ricky Mestre, Ryan Sperry, Omar Boots Errichin, Don Houston, Javier Velez, Daddy John and Zorro Mestre

“Rosie” [unconfirmed]
After a long day at work a man walks into an after hours bar for his last drink when suddenly he meets someone that is not who he expects to be. Starring Juanes Montoya, Peter Rosaspina, Lady Kenyatta Taiste. Director/writer – Paula Andrea Cajiao