a Double-Bill of Two One-Act Plays


written & directed by Max Mooney

featuring: Francisco Morandi-Zerpa AND Roei Cohen as ‘Honks’ & ‘Puddles’

In a world of celebrity culture and body image, we sometimes forget the self-harm that comes when self-deprecating humor becomes a mode of survival, when a desexualized image of yourself becomes acceptable. What happens when a clown’s makeup becomes more familiar than his skin? Where did that skin go?


by Queen-Tiye Akamefula _ _ _ directed by Ava Novak

featuring: Mariyea Jackson AND Nile Harris as ‘Rae & Gigi’

How do we provide nourishment and community for those in need?
Accessing health care for those at the intersection of low-income and Queer can be overwhelming. A young Lesbian and a trans woman meet in the harshness of a waiting room. Will they learn to provide each other the comfort and validation so badly needed, or be swept away by the system?