Fresh Fruit 2018 MainStage

The 2018 Fresh Fruit Festival MainStage

Our 16th Season at The Wild Project, 195 East 3rd Street
All tickets $18 unless otherwise stated

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          WEEK-1,   July 9 – 15

by Karl Hinze
Monday 7/9  8pm; Friday 7/13  6:30 pm; Sunday 7/15  7 pm    (85′)    World Premiere

Mark, Finn, and Joe are juniors at Holy Apostle High, where religion class is not quite as interesting as their various crushes on teachers and each other. But there are deeper secrets bubbling under the surface, and when the boys learn about Catholic Mystics, Mark wonders if that might explain the strange things he’s been seeing and hearing… A show for anyone who has had a crush on a teacher, questioned the existence of God, or survived high school (preferably with soul intact).


The Song of Bernadette Jones
by Maura Campbell

Tuesday 7/10  6 pm; Saturday 7/14  4:30 pm; Sunday 7/15  5 pm    (95′)    Regional Premiere

Award-winning playwright Maura Campbell’s lyrical tale of genderfluid teen Carolyn, whose beloved sister Mary is obsessed with the martyred Saint Bernadette (possibly living in their Ouija board). Their supernatural experiments yield lessons on love—but is love more powerful than death? Burgeoning queer identity, memories of dazzling Alaskan snowscapes, and a healthy dose of magical realism, loom large in this tale of salvation and forgiveness.


All My Love, Kate
by Joe Breen

Tuesday 7/10  8 pm; Saturday 7/14  8:30 pm; Sunday 7/15  3 pm    (95′)    World Premiere

For years, Jack and Danny have lived quietly and privately, keeping their life together separate from the world outside their door. But after the attack on Pearl Harbor, the couple finds themselves separated by an ocean, a war, and a world that would rather pretend they didn’t exist. What does it mean to be a patriot? When you have to sign your love letters with someone else’s name, how do you fight for your country? A love story told across miles, memories, and dreams.


Half Me, Half You
by Liane Grant

Wednesday 7/11  6 pm; Thursday 7/12  8 pm; Saturday 7/14  2 pm    (120′)    World Premiere

It’s 2017, and Jess and Meredith are the picture-perfect interracial lesbian power couple. But if the cracks in their facade–and in America’s face–are showing now, what will they look like is 2033? What happens to our country, and our relationships, when their very foundations get tested? In this tale of fractured love and civil war, IVF becomes a platform for a broader discussion about parenthood, fascism, and anyone forced to fight just to be valued as people.


Peace Camp Org
by Mariam Bazeed

Thursday 7/12  6 pm; Friday 7/13  8:30 pm; Saturday 7/14  6:30 pm    (75′)

“She’ll come back to you a lesbian! In America, everyone is a lesbian!”
Mariam, an Egyptian Muslim girl with Bell’s palsy and a fraught family life, snags herself a spot in a peace-building camp in the U.S. Only when she arrives does she realize that, there in far-off Maine, she has put herself right in the center of the Israeli-Palestinian conflict. Live music, puppetry, and satire underscore the sometimes bleak, often humorous experiences of turbulent youth, international strife, and queer awakening. Based on a true story. – In English and Arabic


An UnCommon Core
written and performed by Abigail Swetz

Wednesday 7/11   8:30 pm, Sunday 7/15  1:30 pm    (60′)    Regional Premiere    1-Person Show

Meet Abigail Swetz, shepherding her 8th grade students safely through a heartbreaking year. Racism, police brutality, homophobic violence: all processed and exorcised by the magic and power of her students’ in-class poetry. Featuring poems written by the students themselves, this solo show embodies a sensitivity and raw honesty that will cut you to the quick—and give you hope for the future.


Leasing Office, Please Hold
written & performed by Adin Lenahan

Saturday,  July 21 at 9 pm  (60′)

Fruitie Award-winning solo performer Adin Lenahan’s enlightening study of the voices and faces we put on the survive. We follow a nameless receptionist and the myriad voices they employ to get through the day, while also making a little money on the side, and being generally rude to everyone. It is a scathing look at how stupid being a receptionist is, as written by a stupid receptionist.


The Chaos Theory of Now [STAGED READING]
written and performed by Jennifer Joy 
Thursday, July 19 at 6:30 pm

In this solo performance, four American women must learn to navigate today’s moral and political landscape. Our Narrator—a “lesbian science nerd” trying to comprehend her family’s Trumpism—uses Chaos and Complexity Theories to take us through the struggles of an evangelical teacher, a widowed farmer’s wife, a closeted lesbian country singer, and her punk Antifa daughter. A powerful story of empathy and change.


          WEEK 2,    July 16 – 22

Helps to Hate You a Little: a Lovestory
by Ella Boureau

Monday 7/16 8 pm;  Tuesday 7/17 8:30 pm,  Sunday 7/22 4 pm   (90′)   Regional Premiere

When the world sees you as a monster, what kind of monster do you become? Lesbian sadist Nasreen finds out—when a closeted lover turns half of New York against her. A re-imagining of the Persephone myth in the Internet age, Queer culture blends with Algerian heritage in a parable (with werewolves) that bridges more than two worlds.


. . . Where You Eat
by Dennis Bush

Thursday 7/19 8:30 pm, Friday 7/20 7:30 pm, Saturday 7/21 4 pm   (118′)   World Premiere

Does our sexuality define us? Does it enhance us? Is our sexual expression limited by society, the people in our lives, or by us? Eight men and women (straight, gay, and up for anything) combine and uncouple in this edgy comedy about sex, love, and identity. By the writer of the audience-acclaimed, multiple Fruitie Award-winning play (MARY)TODD.  *note: nudity, adult situations*    Read More



The Ugly Kids
words by Anna Michael, music by Tony Macht
Tuesday 7/17 7 pm, Friday 7/20 6 pm, Saturday 7/21 2:00 pm*   (60′)   World Premiere Musical

It’s beautiful being friends with the ugly kids. College student Chris wants to embrace that ugliness, and to let in her weird new poetry club friends. But her need for control, and her struggle with an eating disorder, makes it hard to let go—or to see her roommate, Alice, as a person instead of a savior. Jazzy piano and interspersed spoken word underscore this truthful yet joyful story about learning to save your own life. *Talkback after 7/21 show


Mind the Gap: An Evening of Short Plays
July 18 at 6:30 pm, July 21 at 7 pm   (90′)

Three one-act plays about bridging gulfs–gulfs between people, and within them.

Kalen’s Ellen – by K. J. Dwyer

An Irish-American playwright tries to understand his long-dead immigrant grandmother. As Kalen tries to reconstruct Ellen’s past, they must untangle their own stunted relationship.

Red and the Wolf – by Ingrid Oslund

A kinky encounter between strangers makes both women question who is predator and who is prey.

Wimberley – by Julia Maldonado

Late at night, at their old swimming hole in a small town in Texas, childhood friends Evan and Todd reunite after Evan’s mysterious absence. But drinking beers and tossing the ball around won’t stave off some uncomfortable truths–no matter how much Todd would like them to.


SHORTS! – Sunday, July 22 at 2 pm  
All our Short Play Contest winners!   (80′)

BABY LOVE  by Rachel Atkins;   A QUILT SQUARE  by Mickey Bolmer
EL YUNQUE IN ENGLISH  by Nelson Diaz-Marcano
BREAKING POINTS  by Brad Forenza;   BEA & MAY  by  Edwin Sánchez

2018/19 Awards

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