RadioPLAYS – The New Season

This 2024-2025 season the All Out Arts “RadioPLAY” Program has 2 Divisions:

SHORTS . . .

Short subjects: Extended LGBT-themed scenes or 1-Acts. 3 to 5 characters. 12 to 25 minutes runtime. Must be complete and stand alone as a finished work.

SHOTS! . . .

Very short dialogue bits: 2 characters. 2 to 10 minutes runtime. (Okay. A 3rd character bit-part or VO if it’s really needed). Think of these as blackout skits, short dialogue bits, etc. Must feature some aspect of LGBT life.


Please submit as finished a script as you can muster; we understand it may be a work in progress, and revisions are expected (within the original time limits). If you are sending a rough draft or a stage work, you must finish a few pages fullyas a radio script – with detailed Sound Notes and voice “blocking” (people usually listen with stereo headphones) so our readers can see your attention to detail. (Have no idea what you’re doing? Write us for guidance.)

Thanks to the New York City Cultural Affairs Dept., there are No Submission Fees, and ALL Finalists will receive a minimum $175 to $250 author/producer award, and may apply for similar cash assistance for your multitrack Sound Recording technician or Sound Engineer.

ACCEPTED FINALISTS must eventually provide an audio master in 16-bit stereo format, with each voice on its own track, plus 1 “composite” track for safety. Also, on its own track, a “sound fx or music” track. We will provide some free Post-Processing to fix problems you might be having, or to clarify voices if possible. We will gladly “attend” a virtual recording rehearsal to check for audio quality of your cast and crew. We have a pretty large library of unique sound effects your Sound Designer (you MUST have one) may draw from. We also have a few pre-licensed music clips. Short, simple works can easily be produced on a Zoom-type platform. Or you may use our high quality recording platform on Cleanfeed (like Zoom, but optimized for voice; it’s the same platform the BBC uses for interviews). More technical help sheets will be provided to accepted producers. We are here to help.

All finished works will be hosted on our Fresh Fruit Radio podcast at Podbean and our website, advertised, and our full Program Book will be made available for free download. We will create both introductory and credit voiceovers for the Podcasts. Your participating voice artists may have access to our Purchase Subsidy Program which pays a percentage of the purchase price when they upgrade their recording hardware.

  • APPLICATION: NOW. No Fee. Submit only a Script (as described above) and Details by online form (below),
  • Application DEADLINE: October 9th, 2024.
  • AIRING PODCASTS: Works will be presented on a rolling schedule from Now through Spring 2025.
  • Applicants can browse our earlier podcasts from 2021 through 2023 from the website or at