the Monologues Project 2023



“Patroclus died because he could not see what he really was inside his lover’s armor”

– Jericho Brown -from Trojan, in “Tradition” – Copper Canyon Press 2019

Do you see things? – dead people, ancient monuments, words floating in air? If you close your eyes are you invisible? Kiss with eyes open? Shut? Have you seen it all? What do you see when looking at art? Really SEE?

The 2023 monologues-to-film program & contest for New York City authors is limited to LGBT works 3 to 8 minutes in length on the general theme “seeing.” The accepted final works must be memorized, & professionally performed by your choice of actor, setting, costume, decor, etc. and submitted as an MP4 video in standard formats. Applicants must submit script (finished or in-progress) with a brief online application form. 8 to 10 Semi-Finalists will be chosen to proceed based on these script submissions. ALL entries chosen will receive a $50 author’s stipend plus a $100 stipend for the Filmmakers upon our presentation of their finished work. Thanks to the generosity of New York City’s Cultural Affairs Dept., there are NO application fees.

All Semi-Finalist works will be advertised and presented on our YouTube Channel for the remainder of the 2023-2024 seasons. The FIRST TWO WEEKS of presentation will be a voting period. The general public will vote for an audience favorite, and our technical panel will vote for 2 more favorites. ALL 3 Finalists will receive an additional cash stipend of $100.

All Semi-Finalists will be asked immediately upon acceptance to provide a listing of their cast and crew. Scheduling will be based on mutual agreement with all participants but . We at All Out Arts can help your videographer and sound designer with some post-production work if necessary. We will add Titles and Credit cards to all videos. A full color Program Book will be available for public download.

Note: Applicant can be the Author, Filmmaker, or Director, as long as they have performance rights to any script being submitted. We will upon request match up Filmmakers with a project if possible. All relevant resumes must be submitted as well, even if you think we have them.

  • APPLICATIONS: NOW. No Fee. Submissions by online form.
  • DEADLINE: FEBRUARY 28th, 2023
  • PRESENTATIONS: Starting No Later Than May 14, 2023

You are invited to view four winning videos from past seasons. In order of complexity:

Red or White?” [from 2021 season]

A simple unit-set; Neighborhood locale; fixed cam

The Laundromat” [from 2022 season]

Example of ‘inner monologue’ technique (used to overcome a noisy location)

How Cold is the Snow” [from 2021 season]

Another solution to noisy outdoor location; handi cam

Christmas” [from 2022 season]

Variety of film & post techniques used