2013 Fresh Fruit Festival Video Previews

The 2013 FRESH FRUIT FESTIVAL runs July 8-21 at The Wild Project (195 E. 3rd St.) & Nuyorican Poets Cafe (236 E. 3rd St.), and features over 40 works of theater, dance, film, music and visual art, combining to our largest celebration of LGBTQ arts & culture in the festival’s 11-year history. Below are video previews of some of this year’s selected shows:


My Big, Fat, Proposition 8 Wedding, performed and with original material by Tom Rocco

A cabaret of songs (some familiar, some lesser-known) and light-hearted anecdotes  following Broadway vet Tom Roccoʼs unconventional path to wedded bliss.


At the Other Side of the Earth, written by Marie Incontrera, directed by J. Julian Christopher

A modern-day lesbian pulp fiction story of love about how one girl learns to “break the rules” in order to find happiness.


Rosie Wilby, who will be performing The Science of Sex

The above video features stand-up footage of comedian Rosie Wilby, whose one-woman American debut show, The Science of Sex, explores sexual attraction.



Unbroken, choreographed and directed by Barry Webster, performed by Steven Jeudy and Fernando Quinones

A two-male duet that exposes the relationship of two men that have found themselves at a crossroads.


Centered, directed, performed, and written by Jason Torres Hancock, with partial text from Robert Bosnak

A ritual to liberate disease from social stigma and irreverent taboo through the effeminate, loving male.

Tango Vesre, choreographed by Alvin Rangel (NY Premiere)

An examination of male tango partnerships from historic, performance and choreographic perspectives.



Miss Magnolia Beaumont Goes to Provincetown, performed and written by Joe Hutcheson, directed by Cheryl King

An award-winning solo comedy about the reincarnation of a Southern debutante who inhabits a young gay man’s body.


¿Solo yo culpable?, written by Jose Luis Donaldson

A drama en espanol taking us through two humanities leased to loneliness.


Thingification, written and performed by Duriel E. Harris, directed by Kymberly Harris

A one-woman show that combines poetry, performance, music and dance to invigorate audiences with the transformative energy of embodied word-sound and power.


You Are Confused!, written by Eduardo Leanez & Patrick E. Horrigan, performed by Eduardo Leanez, directed by Rosalie Purvis

Menudo, telenovelas, the Miss Venezuela Pageant, Jean-Claude Van Damme, and Greg Louganis all collide in this solo play about a gay Latino boy and his mother.


sExtOrtiOnwritten by Patrick Thomas McCarthy, directed by Christopher Caines

A play about one lonely, outcast boy’s sexting scheme that draws his entire high school and its surrounding Middle American community into a harrowing vortex.


F*ck My Life, performed and written by Xandra Ibarra, directed by Evan Johnson

She is new age burlesque… in the persona of La Chica Boom, Xandra Ibarra takes a provocative look at sex, race, and tragedy.