DANCE 2013 Tango Vesre

Tango Vesre

GENRE: Dance

DESCRIPTIONTango Vesre [“Inverted Tango”] is a dance performance that through live performance and video projection, spotlights a 100-year evolution of male tango dance in the Buenos Aires of 1910 and 2010.

PERFORMS: Saturday, July 13 @ 9pm (The Wild Project, 195 E. 3rd St, NY, NY)

TICKETS:  $18. Click here to buy now.


Tango Vesre analyzes the male-male tango partnerships from historic, performative and choreographic perspectives, examining issues of homosexual bonding and sexual identity through tango dance practice. The Fresh Fruit performance will feature Alvin Rangel and Yebel Gallegos, with music sung by Gerard Flores.

The Argentine tango, a beautiful and sexually-charged partnered dance form, is most often characterized as a passionate drama between a man and a woman, where the masculinity of the male dancer as the leader contrasts with the femininity of the female follower. Because tango is historically and popularly accepted as a heterosexual dance, little attention has focused on its very earliest development and practices when men partnered with other men to  learn it and perfect their skills.  This practice was so common that in 1903 the magazine Caras y Caretas [Faces and Masks] published a series of photographs portraying two men dancing tango to illustrate its basic steps and maneuvers. Inside this early practice lie un-interrogated questions on issues of sexual preference, identity and homosexuality.  The work sets into motion issues of power negotiation, equality, marginalization, gender roles, sexual identity, acceptance, rejection and male dancing bodies.