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All Out Arts has for over a decade presented annual Art Exhibitions and Art Essays of often profound social significance. Our current presentation fits this mold absolutely.

From the AIDS Quilt to the Rainbow Flag, from the world of Dance & Music to the Graphic Arts, LGBT artists have held a particular position as a social minority to enter a dialogue of protest and renewal. We at All Out Arts reach out to all those whose work is a vital part of the International struggle for justice.

In this spirit we present the current exhibition:

PERSONAL IMAGE – In a time of crisis

– Louis Lopardi, Executive Director

Past Three Exhibitions:

2016- “OUTcry: LGBT Voices in the International Dialogue for Justice” – Featuring artists whose work is a vital part of the International LGBT civil rights struggle.

2015- “After Our Bodies Meet: Resistance to Potentiality” Queer & Feminist artists examined the notions of body and self, from the 70s through today. Included two panel discussions and a films program.

2014- “Queers in Exile: The Unforgotten Legacies of LGBT Homeless Youth” – their personal histories, creativity, & activism. Included material loaned by the Warhol Museum.

The current Exhibition is open to individual artists making an activist statement, as well as non-profit organizations of service to LGBT artists in their activism. The Submission Form is slightly different for organizations.

Artist (or non-profit activist/support organizations) may submit links to digital versions of up to 4 artworks.  Video, Streaming Audio, or Multimedia content will only be considered if having a professional, offsite link (Vimeo, Youtube), with no fees or membership requirements to the viewing audience for the duration of this exhibit.  The exhibit will be hosted on our own website. If the response rate is very high we may switch to a “digital magazine” server. In either case the Exhibit will be heavily promoted.

This is a FREE service by All Out Arts, made possible through the generosity of New York City and the New York City Council.  There are no fees to the artist or to viewers. There are no commissions due on sales. Viewers are directed to the Artist’s personal websites.


Please APPLY to be part of the current Art Exhibition/Essay by clicking on the “Submit” button below. You will go to a very short submission form. It  must be completed in 1 sitting, so please have the link addresses to your artwork or media ready. 

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