Produced by ALL OUT ARTS as a part of the 23-24 Fresh Fruit Festival. 2 competitions in March to select finalists, who will compete again in the Spring MAINSTAGE – April 22 through May 5.

At least 12 plays will compete, 6 each night; the Top 3 winners from each night win $50 each, AND these 6 finalists will compete AGAIN during the Spring MAINSTAGE Festival, April 22 – May 5, for grand prizes.

Requirements: Plays must be 10 minutes or less in length; Must be LGTBQ themed or have a prominent LGBTQ character; Must be an original; You must bring in a completely rehearsed and directed work.

EACH DAY: Groups can come in early to get a feel for the space. Each play will have a cue-to-cue tech before the performances. Up to 3 sound cues allowed; and Up to 3 lighting changes allowed. 1 milk crate sized box of props allowed. Predetermined furniture can be used [from the venue plus what we can bring in]. Simple costuming please.

AT PERFORMANCES: Audience chooses their Top 3 “Audience Favorites.” Judges choose a Single Judges “Technical Choice.” Winners announced and prizes given at the end of each evening.

THE SPRING MAINSTAGE: The 6 top winners from the March competition will perform again in the Spring Fresh Fruit Festival MAINSTAGE, with full Sound & Light and better production values.
Top 3 Mainstage winners: First prize $100; 2nd prize $75; 3rd prize $75.

  • A gala Champagne reception to follow immediately after the competition.

Submit your 10-minute play draft with a synopsis BY SATURDAY FEB. 10


Plays must feature topics, characters, or subjects of concern to the LGBT or Q communities. Since 2002 the Festival has taken great pride in presenting wide ethnic and gender diversity. Help us continue that record. Thank you!