RadioPLAYS – Submissions 21-22 Season

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Gather around and turn up the volume, Fresh Fruit Radio’s newest play series CONTINUES! program cover imageShort Plays by New York City’s most creative LGBTQ artists are chosen to get us from winter to spring in style. Download the LAST Series Program Book as a Sample: > 20-21 Series PROGRAM BOOK <

It’s that “Old Time Radio” time again…
All Out Arts is accepting applications for a new series of RadioPlays
to be presented this winter, as part of the Fresh Fruit Radio podcast.
These can be original drafts for radio, or adapted from your existing works.
The play must have a running time of 25 to 55 minutes maximum, in either a 1 or 2-act format, and involve a cast of 2 to 6 principals.
> Accepted plays will be given a $100 to $250 producing-author stipend upon broadcast, and All artists involved will be eligible for our Equipment Purchase/upgrade Subsidy program.
> The Festival provides technical rehearsal, and performance recording on a high-quality audio channel if desired, plus technical guidance and audio post-processing for your recorded tracks.
> We can work with your sound designer to enhance movement or ambiance cues.
The schedule allows for roughly one play monthly, for January to April of 2022. We provide a full program book which expands to cover the entire RadioPlay series as above.

Your RadioPlay production “team”
Besides the performing talent, you must assemble a required creative team:
> A DIRECTOR who beside overseeing dramatic and timing issues, has an eye for virtual presentation, including a realistic “suggestion” of blocking, and a breakdown of all entrances and exits which are to be simulated.
> This is a “Radio” presentation; so a real SOUND DESIGNER is required! We will work WITH your Sound Designer to solve audio problems, enhance spatial and ambiance cues, customize background ambiance, and tailor licensed music samples where appropriate. We also have a large library of foley sound cues you may draw from.
> A STAGE MANAGER is needed to watch for technical issues: Continuity; Unwanted background noise; Distortion in sound tracks, etc.

Slots are still available for March & April broadcast premiers. All applications are through our submission portal: RADIOPLAYS-22