DANCE 2013 The Truth Within


GENRE: Dance

DESCRIPTION: The Truth Within, explores homosexuality linked to human instinct. Diversely blended movement set to eclectic sounds by Colin Harden; audiences are invited to gain an understanding of self through acceptance of fear.

PERFORMS: Saturday, July 13 @ 9pm (The Wild Project, 195 E. 3rd St, NY, NY)

TICKETS:  $18. Click here to buy now.


ENIGMA Dance Theater, a newly emerging dance group of young independent artists, will be featured as part of the fabulous Fresh Fruit 40 in the All Out Arts 11th Annual Fresh Fruit Festival from July 8 through July 21. As one of 40 exceptional LGBTQ plays, one-acts, cabarets, operas, film, and dance works over the course of the two week festival, ENIGMA Dance Theater reveals its latest collaborative work The Truth Within. ENIGMA Dance Theater is tentatively scheduled to perform on Saturday, July 13 at 9pm at The Wild Project.

The Truth Within, by Artistic Director/ Founder Okwae A. Miller explores homosexuality as it is related to the intense range of emotions from fear to acceptance in a diverse blend of movement set to the eclectic electronic sounds by Colin Harden. An intimate transcription through the texture of movement, the work invites audiences to journey within to gain understanding and to accept one’s self beyond the fear. The production features two works—the world premiere of Surrender/Consent, a choreographic collaboration with Nic Herring, and a new production of Okwae A. Miller’s MenDONT.

I. Surrender/Consent (World Premiere)- A thrillingly intense duet choreographed by Okwae A Miller and Nic Herring, dancers take on two partitions of a man: A man struggling to be accepted by others and struggling to accept within. The artists paint the picture of personal struggle with movements personifying his forbidden desire, his fear and his anguish of sneaking fruit from the forbidden tree until the man Surrenders. The man Consents to accepting his desire, fear and sin.

II. MenDONT (New Production)-restaged with new music and two more dancers, the emotionally sensual piece attempts to calculate a definite proportion of embracing the personal desire against the ideal of social norms in relation to masculinity. Penetrating the space in a female dress, the man is manipulated, in his journey for understanding, by other factors who attempt to mold this man. In movement, the dancers invite the audience ask the question: “From who I am, where do I stand?”

“I love choreographing works that have personal integrity. The Truth Within is my account of fear and acceptance as a homosexual man,” stated Artistic Director Okwae A. Miller. “The Fresh Fruit Festival is the perfect opportunity to build awareness and for audiences to experience the treasure of movement that is personal, yet universal.”

Artistic Director/Founder Okwae A. Miller is driven to inspire from a worldwide perspective with a commitment to art and collaboration. His expanding vision for ENIGMA Dance Theater is to delight audiences introspectively by introducing dynamic choreographic voices to the concert stage and the community.

ENIGMA Dance Theater is a modern dance company of independent artists with a mission to reveal unfamiliar aspects of the human experience through the art and texture of movement, music, spoken word, multi-media and collaboration of all mediums. Okwae A. Miller and dancers are committed serving, educating and involving the entire community through performance, research and pure human interaction.