DANCE 2013 Unbroken


GENRE: Dance

DESCRIPTIONUnbroken is a two-male duet that exposes the relationship of two men that have found themselves at a crossroads because of a disagreement they are having. Their relationship is like a force of nature, and like nature, no one knows the outcome, but it happened and it was.

PERFORMS: Saturday, July 13 @ 9pm (The Wild Project, 195 E. 3rd St, NY, NY)

TICKETS:  $18. Click here to buy now.


Unbroken tells the story of two men who have been in a long committed relationship but are now finding themselves at a crossroads because of a disagreement they are having. As described by its choreographer Barry Webster “The piece is like a window into the relationship of these two men and displays the battles that couples often have with one another. I was inspired to create this piece after seeing many relationships (my sister’s relationship, coworkers, friends, gay, straight etc.) and what I found beautiful about these relationships are that though couples find themselves in disagreements, when two partners truly love each other, I feel there is a force/energy that keeps them together. An energy that makes it difficult for them to separate despite the differences they have. To me the energy feels like a constant whirlwind that moves like a force of nature, like a hurricane or blizzard. The force constantly keeps moving from high energy to low energy (i.e. positive to negative). In my piece I try implementing this kind of energy in the movement. Also like a hurricane or blizzard, one doesn’t know what the outcome of a relationship will be. It could end with the two being together or separated, but despite the outcome it was a moment in time and it happened and it was. The message I hope to convey is relationships are beautiful during the good and the bad moments. Enjoy the moment your with a person. Let the moment be and let your emotions flow. See your relationship for what it is and don’t let yourselves get torn.”