DANCE 2013 Centered


GENRE: Dance

DESCRIPTIONCentered is a ritual to liberate disease from social stigma and irreverent taboo through the effeminate, loving male.

PERFORMS: Saturday, July 13 @ 9pm (The Wild Project, 195 E. 3rd St, NY, NY)

TICKETS:  $18. Click here to buy now.


Centered sets HIV and AIDS against a gender clash to experience the anxiety of disease within a striving for love. Centered speaks about the power of same-sex love as a valuable societal taboo and through an embodied dance of self-awareness reveals the depths of love as a trust of one’s true nature in order to move beyond destructive patterns of fear.

Jason Torres Hancock is a performing artist native to the San Francisco Bay Area who currently resides in Chicago. He is a graduate of Naropa University’s MFA in Theatre: Contemporary Performance in Boulder, CO. Learn more about him at