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The 2022/2023 Mainstage Festival Awards

The Official Awards Listing for both 2022 and 2023 Mainstage events!

The award venues we used for so many years are gone. But our Resident Theater The Wild Project came to the rescue . . . One Day for Both Seasons! SUNDAY August 13, 2023.

The detailed full Program Book can also be downloaded [ HERE ]

Outstanding Production – 2022

Sassafras and the Captain

Author: Sarah Elisabeth Brown

Producer: Shelby R. Seeley

Director: Kathryn McConnell

Outstanding Production – 2023


by Paul Kruse

Producer: Sarah Todes-Neon Caviar

Director: Rachel Wolther

Outstanding Play – 2022

You’re a Weirdo, Annie Best

by Erin Shea Brady

Outstanding Play – 2023

Angel on Eros

by Ricardo Melendez

Outstanding Directors

Outstanding Director – 2022

Karma Maselli

for Motherf*** Girl Scouts

Outstanding Director – 2023

Zach Kelly

for Cornflake Pie

Outstanding Design – 2022

Once On Rumspringa

Set: Ryan McCloy

Light/Sound: Andrew Freeburg

Director: Amir Malaklou

Producer: Kyra Armstrong

Outstanding Design – 2023


Costumes: Paul Kruse; Sarah Todes; Rachel Wolther

Lighting & Sound Design: Rachel Wolther

Outstanding Lead in a Drama – 2022

Juliet Roll

in You’re A Weirdo, Anni Best

Outstanding Lead in a Drama – 2023

Katy Copeland

in Meet You Downstairs

Outstanding Lead in a Comedy – 2022

Clara Tristan – in Sassafras & the Captain

AC Quagliato – in Eternal Flamer!

Outstanding Lead in a Comedy – 2023

Jake Fallon

in Eelpout

Outstanding Supporting Role – Drama

Bonita Elery, &
Tiffany Michelle Thompson

in Roommates

Outstanding Supporting Role – Drama

Kyr Siegel

in Cornflake Pie

Outstanding Supporting Role – Comedy

Keith Arthur DiRienzo

in Eternal Flamer – 2022

Outstanding Supporting Role – Comedy

Keith Weiss

in Eelpout – 2023

Outstanding Featured Performer – 2022

Stephen Bush

in Once on Rumspringa

Outstanding Featured Performer – 2022

Andy Donnelly

in Eelpout

Outstanding Ensemble – 2022

Motherf***ing Girlscouts

Director: Karma Masselli

Outstanding Ensemble – 2023

Cowgirl Summer

Directors: KJ Stewart & Gianna Milici

Outstanding Dance/Choreography

Marcus Zebra Smith

in Eternal Flamer

Outstanding Dance/Choreography

Eleanor Pienta

in Eelpout

the “Fresh Fruit Spirit” Award!

Accidental Intimacies – 2022

Author/Director: Megan Kemple

Producer: Chelsi Kern

the “Fresh Fruit Spirit” Award!

Fettuccini – 2023

Author: Queen-Tiye Akamefula

Director: Ava Novak